Your Face is a Saxophone


"Your Face is a Saxophone." It may not be true, and it may not make any sense, but if you saw it on a giant billboard, it would certainly get your attention. Just like all advertising.

Your Face is a Saxophone is an animated series — a bizarro-surreal satire of the advertising industry, and the people who work in it because they couldn't find a job in what they actually went to art school for. Also, everyone has inanimate objects instead of heads for some reason.

Your Face is a Saxophone are the first five words of a third paragraph in a row. The show is produced by Plankhead, an organization devoted to the production, promotion, and proliferation of public media. Or, in less pretentious terms, we make stuff, donate it to the world, and scream loudly about its existence. For more on who we are and all of the ridiculous things we stand for, read our About Page-thing.

Every episode of Your Face is a Saxophone is and will be completely free of charge to watch, download, share, remix, repurpose, or do anything else with. To make this easier, all of the source files — audio, art assets, project files, etc. — will be open source and free to use for anything.

In producing Your Face is a Saxophone, we aim not only to induce giggling in as large a group of people as we possibly can, but also to advance the following social-aim-thingamajigs:

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