Your Face is a Saxophone


We're actively seeking volunteers to aid us in all aspects of Your Face is a Saxophone. We need help with:
Promotion | Production | Proliferation



Get a personalized link back to so we can see how much you, personally, are making us well-known. Use it on social networks, your blog, on forums, or wherever. If you get us a lot of hits, we'll come up with some sort of reward-type-thingamajig to give you.

Culture Jammers

Print out and put up these posters all over your community, building, school, or other local public place. Feel free to create more designs and send them to us.


Contact [email protected] if you can help with any of the following:


We need help translating our subtitles into other languages so non-English speakers can enjoy Your Face is a Saxophone. You can translate Episode 1 here and Episode 2 here on Amara.

Web Technicians

We need help setting up a wiki, forum, or other system of keeping our producers in the loop about production, so that they can give us feedback and be a part of the process. There are probably a whole bunch of other web things we'll need too, and haven't yet thought of.

2D Artists

We need people familiar with Photoshop and Illustrator (or equivalent) to help create art assets in Your Face is a Saxophone's signature "THICK BLACK OUTLINES ON EVERYTHING!!!" look. It's pretty easy. Just put thick black outlines on everything.

Blender Experts/Python Coders

We're looking to switch to using Blender for our animation, so that Your Face is a Saxophone can be 100% free and open source (Currently we use Apple Motion). If possible, we'd like a Python script which will analyze our dialogue recordings to automate our "lip"-syncing process. We also need anyone else who knows Blender well, and can help us with the transition.


We need people to record original music, and to re-record the show's theme song. We'd also love to feature some independent musicians in the show's soundtrack.


Torrent Seeders

Please download our official torrents and seed them.

Format Converters

We need people to convert our episodes into various different video formats — such as XviD, x264, mobile formats, etc. — so that people with all sorts of media players can enjoy them.